About Andrew

Andrew started studying hypnotherapy at the age of 16 after seeing a stage hypnosis show in high school. After extensive self-study of hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) over the next couple of years, he postponed his official training until after receiving bachelor and masters degrees in biochemistry and environmental management, respectively. In 2003, Andrew became a Certified Hypnotherapist through his training at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute, and in 2006 became a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist.

Enhanced through studies in permaculture design (Permaculture Design Certificate 2012), Andrew enjoys working with plants and the earth, and continuing to notice the many overlaps and parallels between emotional and ecological health and healing. In addition to his hypnotherapy training, education as a scientific professional and studies in permaculture, Andrew has studied nutritional counseling, homeopathy, energy work, mediumship, and shamanic healing and continues to learn much from his clients and from his teachers as they present themselves.

Educational, training, and experiential highlights:

Andrew currently lives in Toronto and will be relocating to Montreal in April-May 2016, at which time he will be seeing clients in Ottawa on a regular basis. Until then, he is available to see clients in person near High Park subway station in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and around the globe by web video or phone. For more detail on booking a session, go to Private Sessions page.

Andrew can also be followed on his book’s website, HeartBreakTherapy.com.